New Windows 10 Shortcut Keys – Get A Printable List

With a new operating system comes a new list of shortcut keys and Windows 10 is certainly no exception.  Let’s take a look at what’s new in Windows 10.

Hit the Windows key to open and close the Start Menu.


windowslogokey + A will open the Action Center.

windowslogokey + C will launch Cortana into listening mode.

windowslogokey + E will launch File Explorer with the Quick Access tab displayed.

windowslogokey + H Opens the Share charm.

windowslogokey + U launches the Ease of Access Center

windowslogokey + Enter launches Narrator.

There’s a long list of the new commands and Microsoft has a nice printable, version available that lists everything.

To download a complete, printable list of Microsoft shortcut keys, click here.

~ Cynthia

0 thoughts on “New Windows 10 Shortcut Keys – Get A Printable List

  1. This helps a tiny bit, but there are soooooo many things that are hard to find in Windows 10 that you need a printable sheet in the following manner.
    Tabular index at top of: XP Windows 7 Windows 10
    (no need for a windows mistake 8 as on and insane person would stay with it.) Heading for a particular thing in bold Flush left.
    tab line under it with how to in each of the three Operating Systems.

    XP Windows 7 Windows 10
    Device Manager
    Right click “My Computer Proper answer for 7 Start then Control Panel

    Off course this is an easy one, but I have spent much time on finding things and at my age I sometimes forget what I was after and why before I come across where they put it.
    I love Windows 10 and if I get it pat before croaking, I will love it more than XP.
    I understand why they did Windows 8, but still think they water board the whole staff of programmers involved until they promise never to pick up a smart phone again and use only Jitterbug.
    I have worked with computers since you did everything in machine language and thought 4K of memory was a God Send. There was no short hand like Cobal and such and all the Random Access Memory in the USA was less than what you can get on one of the lager flash drives now.
    I enjoy your news letter, but surely miss ‘Just for Grins’.

  2. It opens to a site re Office – do I have it or want to try it temporarily. No I don’t have and no, I don’t want even on a temporary basis that I have to remember to cancel. This is very poor service to us subscribers on your part. Just because it is a MS product doesn’t mean that I ever intend to have Office – why would I when and others are just as good and FREE.

  3. A lot of things can be found using God Mode through the Control Panel.

    To use it, Create a new folder – probably on the Desktop – and rename it to the following:

  4. The download worked just fine for me, and does not need Office per se to open it. OpenOffice/LibreOffice can open the .docx document just fine. Nothing about a free trial of MS Office or any other form of Office anywhere on the download page.

    I use Linux, and LibreOffice even opened the download and saved a copy in there.

    So somebody’s browsers appear to have been hijacked if they ended up anywhere else, or couldn’t open the .docx download.

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