How Do I Brighten My Kindle?

In response to our article about brightening the screen in the Kindle App, Bonnie wrote: “I’ve got the ordinary Touch Kindle and don’t seem to have those settings to brighten the screen ???”

Those directions only applied to the Kindle app.  That program runs only on non-Kindle devices. What you have is a Kindle eReader. While devices like cellphones, tablets, and even the Kindle Fire tablet have backlit screens that can be read in the dark, and generally let you adjust the brightness, most eReaders don’t feature extra illumination.


They use what’s called eInk. The display is actually a film the mimics the look of ink on paper. It is very easy on the eyes, and unlike backlit electronic devices, and it consumes very little power. There’s no glare from an eInk screen, because it actually reflects light.

But eInk requires a light source. If you want the screen brighter, you’ll need to apply an external light source. They do make clip lights for for eReaders.


Some eReaders do offer illumination, the Kindle Voyage offers a built-in light, but it runs $199, which is somewhat pricey for an eReader and actually more expensive than many tablets.


~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “How Do I Brighten My Kindle?

  1. You can change the lightness on a kindle or I can. Just tap the top of the page and then tap the gear thingy and then you will see LIGHT (it is my bottom choice) make it as light or dark as you choose. Then to get back to reading just tap on the books below and you will be back where you can once again read. They are such wonderful devices and you can change most anything about them.

    1. Genise, the question and answer referred to the Kindle e-reader, not the Kindle Tablet unless you have the expensive e-reader referred to in the answer.

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