A system disc can be an important tool for your PC. Vicki is trying to figure out how to make one in Windows 10.  I installed Windows 10 and did not have any problems but I need to make the backup disc or the system disc and I can’t get it to work. When I ask what to do, it gives me the instructions for Windows 8 and I guess I am not computer savvy enough to figure it out. Can you help me? I love your site, read it everyday!

I want you to open  up the Control Panel and choose Back up and Restore under System and Security.  Don’t worry if it says Windows 7 or Windows 8 there. It’s just letting you know that you can restore backups from other operating systems.


To create an image of the whole system,  choose Create a System Image.


A window will open asking where you want to save the backup. A system image will contain your OS plus your programs and files. You’ll need a large external drive or multiple DVDs to do this backup.


Once you select your location, you can click next and follow the instructions of the wizard.

To create a repair disc, choose Create a system repair disc.


Once you choose Create a system repair disc, just put your DVD in the drive and choose Create disc.


~ Cynthia