In The News 09-04-15

Windows 10 On 75 Million Devices

In just a month’s time, Windows 10 has been downloaded to over 75 million devices.  The free OS is currently running on  nearly 100,000 different types of Windows devices in nearly 200 countries.


According to Microsoft some of the PCs date back to 2007. Users have wasted no time finding their favorite classic Windows games in the Windows store, either. Microsoft says 10 million achievements have been unlocked in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

 Apple Will Reveal New iPhones On September 9

Apple fans will have their questions about what’s next for the iPhone answered on September 9, when the company reveals its new devices. There’s not likely to be new hardware, but Apple is expected to update existing models with new features and also launch a new streaming box.


Some reports say you can also expect to see new iPads at the event as well, including the long-awaited 13″ iPad Pro.

No Xbox One Mini On The Way

One new device you won’t see is a smaller version of Microsoft’s Xbox One.  Rumors were flying that a smaller version of the console that ditched the optical drive and the Kinect device for a strictly online box was on the way.


Currently the device sells for $350, and the rumored mini version was supposed to be less expensive. However, Phil Spencer, the man in charge of Xbox for Microsoft shut those rumors down with two words.  “Not Real.”

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