Why Can’t I Set a Desktop Background In Windows 10?

I’ve heard from several of you complaining that you can no longer set an image you find online as a desktop background in Windows 10. Dan writes: “Previously, I could right-click and set as a background. That option seems to be gone in Windows 10. Can I get it back?”

Dan, the option isn’t gone in Windows 10, however it is missing the Microsoft Edge Browser. When you right-click on an image in the Edge browser, you see these options:


But if you open up Internet Explorer or another browser and right-click on an image. You’ll still see an option to set a picture as your background.


~ Cynthia

7 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Set a Desktop Background In Windows 10?

  1. Hey Cynthia,
    I know its bit of a ‘Retro’ solution, but you can still ‘right click’ on the ‘Desktop’; Personalization; Background. See: “WS Ultimate Guide to Windows10” page 81.

  2. I have tried Cynthia’s suggestion but could not get Microsoft Edge background to change. However, I could get my desktop background to change though, nor can I get a lock on any MS Edge background to keep it from changing each time I open it. Need help in this one too. Good luck

    1. This is not for setting a background in Microsoft Edge. This is selecting an image for your desktop background from Microsoft Edge.

  3. All your Win 10 tips are saved in a folder for when I’m finally able to get the upgrade from Win 7. Prior to June 29, everything was compatible. Now, an error comes up and says wireless internet may not work. I’m using a Dell Inspiron laptop. Error says Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adaptor not compatible. I’ve tried searching internet for months for fix to no avail. Dell and Broadcom web sites also give no clues. Direct email with Broadcom receives no answer. You seem able to fix everything, Cynthia! Can you help??

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