Backup and Restore Bookmarks In Chrome and Firefox

Sandra Blattberg from New York writes “You recently told how to back up favorites in Internet Explorer. Is there a way when using Google Chrome?”

Hi, Sandra.  Thanks for the great question.  Anyone who reads my articles knows what a fiend I am on the importance of backups. 

Yes, there is a way to back up your favorites in Chrome.  First off, open your Chrome browser, and then click on the SETTINGS icon in the upper right corner of your screen.


Next, hover over BOOKMARKS and click on BOOKMARK MANAGER.


This opens the Bookmark Manager window.  In the blue toolbar, you have two options, FOLDER and ORGANIZE.  Click organize.


On the drop-down, click on EXPORT BOOKMARKS TO HTML FILE.


Save it some place easy to remember, and when you’re ready to load them back up, just follow the same procedure, but click on IMPORT BOOKMARKS FROM HTML FILE and select the file that you had previously saved.

While we’re at it, I’ll show you how to do it in Firefox. 

First, click on the BOOKMARKS MENU icon, which is right next to the star that you use to save a bookmark.


From the drop-down, click SHOW ALL BOOKMARKS.  This will open your bookmarks option screen, where you can not only backup and restore your bookmarks, but also organize them. 


Next, click on IMPORT AND BACKUP.


On the drop-down, click on BACKUP.


This will save your bookmarks in a JSON file type.  Personally, I find Firefox the easiest browser to work with, and the above screenshot shows why.  Not only are you able to back your bookmarks up in Firefox’s JSON file type, but you can also save them in HTML format.  In addition, you can import bookmarks from HTML, as well as importing them from other browsers.  If you choose this option, Firefox will give you the option of importing bookmarks from any other browser that you have on your machine.

I hope that this helps!

~ Randal Schaffer

2 thoughts on “Backup and Restore Bookmarks In Chrome and Firefox

  1. You could easy automate the backup process with Backupery for chrome bookmarks. It just regularly backups bookmarks to some safe location like Dropbox or hard drive. If you need to restore the bookmarks then you will need to overwrite current bookmarks file with the snaphsot file.

  2. There’s also MozBackup, for Firefox and Thunderbird backup and restore ops.

    And the FEBE Firefox Extension, which does whole profiles or selective backup and restore.

    Both products make files or folders which are fully portable and can even be used to transfer settings, bookmarks, etc. to new or damaged Firefox installations on any device.

    FEBE even works in my Firefox for Ubuntu Linux.

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