New Instagram Direct Features

Instagram, the popular social photo sharing app, is making some improvements to its direct messaging service Instagram Direct. Instagram Direct allows users to share images just with one person or just a few people instead of all of their followers.

The direct message option was launched in 2013 and now more than 85 million people use the service monthly. Among the improvements are threaded messages. That means people will be able to go back and forth with messages relating to the same subject instead of creating a new message each time. It will enable users to keep jokes or topics in context when replying.


Instagram posts will now feature an arrow next the Like and Comment buttons.


Tap it and you’ll be able to send that post to a friend as an Instagram Direct message. You’ll also be able to share hashtag and location pages.


Just select the friend you wish to send it to. This will only work on posts where the privacy settings permit users to share with others.

With the success of SnapChat and Facebook Messenger, you’ll see more an more companies focusing on private and group messaging apps. Like Messenger they keep adding more and more options to private messaging. For many people, especially younger people looking to avoid the prying eyes of mom, dad and grandma on Facebook, it’s their preferred way of communication.




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