Terry’s having trouble with his memory card reader since upgrading to Windows 10. He writes: Problem with Windows 10.  My SD card reader on the front of my newer Lenovo computer tower isn’t working since upgrading to 10.  Worked fine with 7.  Contacted Sony about the Memory Stick Duo-Adaptor Memory Stick Duo that goes INTO the adapter and they say Win 10 no longer supports that!  Do I have to buy a new card reader compatible with Windows 10?  What gives?  Or will I have to buy a new camera?  That I do NOT want to do.  Are others having this problem????

micro sd

First I’d head on over to Lenovo to see if they have driver updates for your particular memory card reader. Checking on their support site, I do see downloads for drivers for several card readers. But since I don’t know which model of PC you’re using, I can’t tell if yours is there. If you don’t see your card reader there, contact Lenovo’s support to see if they’re working on updating the driver.

~ Cynthia