How to Make Presentations Using LibreOffice Impress

Visual presentations are a great way to send a message and to help the audience fully understand what you want to deliver. It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and a well-made presentation can be worth even more. Presentations are used everywhere, whether in an office, in the classroom or by government and organization. People find it a convenient way to deliver their ideas with flair.

LibreOffice Impress is one of the best options out there for presentation software, plus it is absolutely free.  You’ll find the app as part of the LibreOffice suite.  Impress is based on a simple but extended layout, giving  freedom to the user. LibreOffice comes with Documents Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentations generator and much more. So, it’s an “all-in-one” package with a lot of features seamlessly connected to each other. It is free to download from here.

Let’s start by  creating a presentation using Impress. For this purpose, open the software and wait for a while until it loads up. There we can see a nice and simple welcome screen interface with several options.


To create a presentation, you can choose a simple step-by-step wizard, which is the best method for someone just getting started with the software. In order to select the wizard, let’s go to “File” on the top left side of the software and move the cursor over the “Wizard” option. A new menu will appear on the right side of the wizard, revealing different options. Let’s select “Presentation” from the list.


A dialog box will pop up. From here, we can select the type of presentation, whether we want to go with an empty presentation or we wish to select a built-in template. There is a third option, which enables us to open an existing presentation. Let’s select the second option “From Template” and select the “Focus” template from the list appearing below. After the selection, click the “Next” button located at the bottom.


In the next step, we will select the “Slide Design” from an existing, predefined list. Beneath the slide design tab, there will be another selectable property labeled as “Output Medium”. Let’s choose the “Original” slide design, which we selected in the first step and also choose the output medium as “Screen” and click “Next”.


The third step is all about the “Slide Transition”. There will be drop-downs labeled “Effect” and “Speed”. Clicking on the effect drop-down will show a whole bunch of effects which can be used for slide transition. The speed of the transition can also be altered through the speed section. Let’s select the “Shape Diamond” effect from the effect drop-down and choose the speed as “Fast”. Now, everything is almost done. So, let’s click on the “Create” button.


There we go! LibreOffice Impress created a workspace based on the information you provided through the wizard. On the top, we can see navigation with all the options required for creating presentations. On the left side is one of the most important sections called “Slide” section. We can navigate through slides and/or create new slides by right clicking on the empty space and selecting the New Slide”.

On the right side, there is a panel with slide properties, slide transitions, custom animations, master pages, styles and formatting, gallery and navigator. These are all customizable properties.

Tomorrow, in part 2 of our tutorial, we’ll work on customizing your presentation.

~ Adrian

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  1. I always get my updates as “Open Office” Is there any difference? I think all you can get on Linux is “Libre Office” but I always get my Windows stuff from Open Office or Apache.
    Just curious about the difference.

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