John’s having an issue sharing photos in Windows 10. He writes: When trying to email a picture in Windows 10 by right clicking on a picture, it tells me that there is no default program assigned to perform that function. How do I fix this problem? I would prefer to use Gmail if possible.

John, the issue is that you don’t have a default program assigned for e-mailing your photos. That’s pretty easy to fix. However, you’re not going to be able to use the web-based interface for Gmail to do it.

For the send function you’ll need an e-mail client. An e-mail client is a program that downloads copies of your e-mail to your PC. You can choose from either the Mail app that  comes pre-installed on Windows 10, or another e-mail client such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird. If you had any of these e-mail clients installed on your PC before you upgraded to Windows 10, they’re all still there.

Here’s how to set a default program in Windows 10.  Search for Default Programs in the search box and click on the result.


When Control Panel opens, choose Set your default programs.


Choose the e-mail client you want to use to send messages from the list of apps on the left side. You could use the Mail app or choose a program like Outlook.


Choose Set this program as a default and your selected program will become the default app for any task it could possible perform.  Click on Choose defaults for this program and you can pick which tasks the program handles automatically.


Here, I’ve chosen Outlook as the default for the “send mail” command.


As long as you have the e-mail client set up to send and receive messages from your Gmail account, photos that you send will come from your Gmail account.

~ Cynthia