Jim has a problem. He writes: “How long does the Windows 10 installation take?  There’s no mention of it in Chapter 3 of the guide. My ‘installation’ has been running for nearly 20 hours.  When I bring up the ‘Get Windows 10’ information screen, I’m informed that Windows 10 is downloading.  When I check the download progress option, a quick message appears (too fast to read completely) and then disappears. The download has been running by itself since 9pm last night. Do you think it’s almost done?
Jim, you definitely have a problem. My upgrade to Windows 10 took around and hour or so. For some people it takes a little longer, but it definitely should not take all night.
You may want to start again, or it might not be a bad idea to contact Microsoft Customer Service. They may have some troubleshooting information for your particular PC.
~ Cynthia