Susan’s having some issues finding her favorite programs in Windows 10. She writes:  I’ve been reading your techies about Windows 10. It hasn’t helped me find a product I purchased from you quite a while ago! I’m looking for my iolo premium system! It’s GONE! (Like a lot of other things!) I can’t even find it OR Internet Explorer, and I need them both. Can you help? P.S. I’m sorry I let them download this totally confusing program in my computer!

Susan, finding a program in Windows 10 is really no different that finding it in Windows 7 or Windows 8.  Internet Explorer is still there and so is your System Mechanic.

There are two quick ways to find them. You can type the name of the program into your search box in the start menu and click on the result.


Or, in the case of Internet Explorer, just tell Cortana to “Open Internet Explorer.”


You can also click on All Apps and find the programs listed alphabetically.


If you use a program like Internet Explorer frequently, you’ll see on your Start Menu under Most Used Programs.


You can also pin a shortcut to the program to your Taskbar or to your Start Menu.

I’m not sure what’s confusing you about Windows 10, but we’d be glad to help answer any of your questions.

~ Cynthia