Diane needs to know how to save photos to her SD card. She writes:  I have an SD card in my phone Is there a way to take photos on my phone and save them straight to the SD card. At the moment I take several photos then get a message to say my hard drive is 85% full and need to transfer to my SD card.

I’ll assume you’re using an Android phone (since iPhones don’t offer SD cards.) Open your camera app and choose settings.  The icon will normally look like a gear.


Under settings, choose Storage and then choose memory card.  The look will vary from phone to phone, but you will find the option somewhere under your camera settings.

You can also use your file manager to move the images from your phones internal storage to the SD card. Also, don’t forget to regularly transfer your images off your phone to your PC or cloud storage. You don’t want to lose your pictures if something happens to your phone.

~ Cynthia