Can I Attach Files To My E-mail?

I had an interesting question about e-mail.  “My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium and I use Windows Live mail. is there any other way to forward/send photos to other contacts without using OneDrive i.e. attached to the actual email?”

You don’t say if you’re using the Windows Live Mail e-mail client or using the webmail with a LiveMail address.

If you’re using the Live Mail e-mail client on your PC, it’s super simple. Just open a new message, the choose the Insert tab at the top and the paperclip icon to attach a document or photo.


Select the files you want and they will appear as attachments to the e-mail.


Now you’re still uploading these files to the cloud. The message and the files are going to the cloud server for your e-mail and then to the cloud server for the recipient’s e-mail. Be cautious in sending a lot of attachments in one e-mail. A large number of photos could be too large some some people’s mail accounts or very large for some mailboxes. I used to have that issue with my limited-sized inbox at a job.

Uploading to a service like OneDrive or GoogleDrive is a way to make sure the recipient can download the material at their convenience and without risk of overwhelming an inbox.

If you’re using the, you’ll also create a new message and choose the Insert icon.

From the drop-down menu choose Files as attachments.

Choose the files you want and they’ll be attached to your message. Again, they’re actually being uploaded to a cloud server along with your message.


~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Can I Attach Files To My E-mail?

  1. I use Windows Live e-mail client on my PC but when I click ‘insert’ I don’t see the same things you’ve shown above. There’s just a drop down box where I can click the different options to attach or insert a document, image, etc. with the message. My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium so it’s possible the image you’re using is from Windows 8 or possibly Win 10 so that may account for the difference.

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