Installation Media On USB?

We got this question about upgrading to Windows 10. Aurel writes:  “I am a Senior who is tutoring other Seniors in 4 Centers.  I am awaiting a rush of conversions from Win 7/8.1 to Windows 10.  Can I create USB memory sticks with all the download files and ISO’s for people updating from 32 and 64 type systems? When I plug it in it would ask me two questions:  what Windows version am I starting with and what type (32 or 64) is run on that machine. I, and all my Seniors would be grateful for your assistance.”

Aurel – it would probably be just as quick to do the upgrade from the Windows update on their PC. Also, if their PC has been offered the upgrade, you’ll know it’s capable of running Windows 10.  But you could create the installation media ahead of time.


You’ll need 4 separate installations, because your seniors could be upgrading from the 32 or 64 bit version of either Windows Home or Windows Pro. Also, make sure that you don’t choose clean installation, as you don’t want to overwrite their files or their product keys.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Just because you were offered Windows 10 does not mean your computer can handle it! I was having problems with my widows 7 which required help from Microsoft. They decided the best solution was to do an immediate install of Windows 10 taking almost 2 hours to accomplish. All was good for 2 days and then my opening screen stated that I had Windows 8.1 not 10. Belarc Advisory advisor showed my operating system was 8.1. The next day I started up my computer and after a few minutes everything froze. He only way to shut down was a hard shutdown. When I started my computer the next day I got the blue screen of death … the only thing I could get into was my bios … I could get into safe mode but could do nothing. After 2 days of being on the phone with Micrsoft I w put in contact with an advanced support technician. After an hour he asked for my computer make and model, put me on hold for 10 minutes and then told me that HP had not updated their drivers to handle Windows 10 and there was nothing that could be done now to revive my computer. It was not their fault or problem … good bye, so long, so sad. Called my local computer shop and after explaining everything was quoted a price that was close to what I had played for my tower. Thank goodness I still had my Windows 7 laptop which I will NOT upgrade to Windows 10 because it is an HP and I cannot afford to have that killed too. I will wait until the new computers come out with Windows 10 already installed. After my experience I believe that they rushed Windows 10 and there are many crital problems that they have not worked out yet and are using the general public to work them out. All I have to say is shame on Microsoft and I am considering giving up on Microsoft and switching to Apple.

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