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Saving documents and images from the Internet can be tricky. I recently got this e-mail from a reader: “I am not an office person. I recently downloaded a letter that I need to upload to another site. The letter is in .html and the site I need to upload to will not accept html. A previously scanned and emailed document in .jpeg IS acceptable. Open Office doesn’t allow me to convert .html to .jpeg. Am I going to have to print, scan and email the other document to myself just to get it in .jpeg ? I see a lot of ads for software that will do this. Let me know what you think. P.S. I’ve rarely even had use for a printer/scanner. Until now.”

I think the beginning of this issue for you was that you didn’t save the document you wanted. You saved the webpage, which is written in HTML, instead of saving an image or a document. HTML is designed to be opened in browsers.

There may be simpler solutions than converting the image.

If possible, try going back to the original web page, selecting the item you wish to save and right-clicking. You should see the option to save an image.


You may be able to save it as a JPG or perhaps as a PNG or Tiff. Then you can open up the image in a program like Paint (included for free on Windows PCs) and save it as a JPG.

Or you could open that HTML image in a browser and try the steps mentioned above. You could also press the PrtScn key to take a screen shot.


Then open Paint and hit Ctrl + V or right-click and choose “Paste” to paste the image into Paint.


Then crop off the portion you need and save it as a JPG file.You could also try a free online converter like Convertio


Upload the file you wish to convert, select the format you want to save it in and then choose Convert.


You can then download the file, save it to cloud storage or choose to have it e-mailed to you.

I hope one of these solutions helps.

~ Cynthia


3 thoughts on “Convert HTML To JPG

  1. in windows 10 there is an extra option for snipping tool snipping tool is very good
    Cynthia & Amanda I want you to know I do appreciate all your hints and help. Especially with the new OS 10 .Please and Thank you..
    cheers ..R

  2. The person with the problem said they were trying to get LETTER off a web page. A simpler way to start would be to simply copy and paste the letter. If re-posting it to another site REQUIRED a jpg file, then paste it into a program like (free download) and save it as a jpg file. I would think it could also be sent in pdf format. So it could be copied and pasted from the original web page to her OpenOffice, and converted to pdf. I haven’t used OpenOffice in quite some time, but if it still doesn’t automatically convert to pdf she could download LibreOffice (also free), which does convert to pdf. Besides, LibreOffice is a better program than OpenOffice.

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