With so many folks cutting the cord or signing up for subscription services, getting Internet on your TV is important. Robert wants to know how to make it happen. He writes: “I read if you got a WiFi router you can hook up the Internet to your TV sets. How can you do that for free without cable or a new box.  Have not found the right solution yet. I like to watch anything on the Internet on my big screen TV sets besides my computer monitor. If you find a site, tell me how.”

You don’t need cable to get Internet on your television, but if you want Internet on your TV, you’ll either need to start with a Smart TV that’s Internet-ready or get yourself a streaming box or streaming stick of some kind. These devices allow you to run apps that connect with the Internet.


Fortunately, they are not difficult to use and aren’t too expensive (around $40.) A Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV stick will plug right into the HDMI port on your TV. Also, if you happen to own a game console like a PlayStation or an Xbox, these devices will also allow you to access the Internet using apps.


From your question, I wonder if what you really want to do is watch the output of your PC.  Many newer PCs have the ability to add a wireless display.

Under System Settings, choose “Project to second screen”


Then select  Connect to a wireless display.


You’ll need a smart TV or some type of receiver to make this happen.

If you don’t mind being tied down by cables, you can connect to your TV with that way. Click here to read an article on that process. But your PC will have to stay close to the TV and the cables can be unsightly and a trip hazard.

~ Cynthia