Is Pandora’s Box Coming Back?

Yvonne had a question about  Windows 10. She writes:  “On the all apps list is Games and under that is Pandora’s Box. That is my all time favorite computer game. I think one of the best made for adults and children as well. My old version will not work on more recent versions of Windows and I was so happy to see it back. But nothing happens when I click on it. Is it there or not? Is it coming later? Why would MS let such a good wholesome, challenging game go?”

Yvonne – no games are included as part of Windows 10. It’s likely that what you’re seeing are some games that were installed on your PC before you upgraded to Windows 10. Probably back when you  discovered Pandora’s Box didn’t work with Windows 7. I’d go ahead and uninstall the program.

Microsoft features a variety of puzzle games similar to Pandora’s Box in the Windows store, many of them are free.

Click the Windows store icon.


Then choose the games category and refine by puzzle.


You’ll find a wide choice of free puzzle games to try out.

~ Cynthia

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  1. This is a bummer because I loved this game as well. My hopes were really high until I read the answer. 🙁

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