Civil War 150

One of my friends from undergraduate was obsessed with the Civil War. It was her favorite part of American History, so when she sent me this link, I knew I had to check it out. brings you a fully interactive web exhibition to explore the history of the Civil War with. Note when the site loads there is sound.

I started my exploration of the site with the Historian Picks section. You’ll find it in the lower right corner. I was curious to see what other historians picked as the defining moments of the Civil War. It rolls up and you click on the historian’s name to see their list. Each list has a column devoted to Technology, Union, Confederate, Battles, Places/Events, and Culture.

After that I checked out the Most Popular Topics section. It’s on the banner that rolls up and away when you look at the Historian’s Picks.

Next up, I investigated Paying for the War, How They Died, and Weapons of War because those categories caught my attention.

I really like the slick, interactive interface of the site. It makes navigating these topics a true delight. (Especially the statistical data!)

Go see it for yourself today!


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