The Tech You Can’t Do Without

I asked you a couple of weeks back to share with me the tech you can’t do without. For me, it’s my smartphone. I’m addicted to having a camera, computer and Facebook machine in my pocket.


Many of you felt the same. Ted writes: “I fully agree with your assessment. I refused the Cell phone for a very long time, but my kids finally got me one as a Christmas gift and after a short while I started to use it NOW it is essential.”

Adrian writes: “Very true indeed, life without my smartphone would be like turning the clocks back to the stone ages. Every part of life from the office to reading the local newspaper which I would not be able to see as I work away from home is a god send. Being able to contact the family within seconds is excellent. May new technology go forward with even bigger strides.”

But others had different favorites.

Evelyn loves her GPS. “Since hubby does not navigate effectively always, I love my Tilly, my Garmin GPS.”

Ann feels the same way about her unit: “I would be lost, literally, without my GPS as I have no sense of direction, and being both driver and navigator, I find it difficult, and dangerous, to cope with maps while in motion.”


Gloria’s computer gives her access to the outside world. “My desktop HP. Since I am housebound it is my way of keeping in touch with friends with email and online I can keep in touch with the world.”

Alan agrees: “I would have to say a computer. Back in the Commodore days a friend of mine had a C64. It took me 4 or 5 years before I got brave enough to get one. Now I find it hard to be without a computer be it desktop or laptop because I access the internet on a daily basis for a variety of reasons.”

Jane is a fan of new tech in general. “First and foremost my computer(I can,t believe I really said that)my KINDLE,smartphone….I really depend on technology for a woman of 82!!!”

Although Patty says sometimes it takes some getting used to. “For me, it was the world wide web. I thought it was evil. I got my first computer in 1999. Of course, I had AOL dial up. I was sitting in my recliner watching tv, when I heard that noise ooooo oooo, I don’t know how else to describe the sound. Anyway, this noise scared me to death. I shot out of my chair, and began looking for the noise. I discovered the noise was coming from my computer dialing up to AOL. At the time, This was confirmation to me that the internet was invading my home without invitation. Of course, I have since then changed my stance on the subject of the internet.”

Ian was practical in his choice. “My pacemaker … do not think I would live long without IT

So was Jamie: “I would have to say TOILET. But then again what would I do without a smartphone while I do my duty : )”

Some of you aren’t a fan of new tech.

Ernie writes: “We used to get along just fine with out ANY of this high end tech stuff… Taking a call would mean you sat at the bottom of the steps in the living room and had your call, you could not take-make a call while on the toilet or in the relaxing bath tub. Re-heating something meant you had to preheat the oven or get a pan out of the cupboard, not push a few buttons and start. Computers were things that scientists used, and the government… If we wanted to look something up, we dug into our wallet or purse and dug out our library card… And you know what, EVERYONE survived just fine…”

That reminds me of passage in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book “The Long Winter.” The family has run out of kerosene in a blizzard and since snow has blocked the train tracks, new kerosene won’t be getting into town until spring. That means they have no light at all. Pa laments “new fangled” inventions like kerosene lamps and increasing dependency on new inventions. Ma points out that back in the day when everyone made their own candles, she doesn’t remember ever being left in the dark. People tend to get along fine with whatever is available, but they quickly get used to new inventions and come to depend on them.

So it’s all relative in the end. Thanks for sharing.

~ Cynthia


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