Reader’s Tip: Use Windows 10 Search

Sometimes I give you guys tips, sometimes you give them to me. “Norine Peardon from the beautifully named town of  Oconomowoc, Wisconsi  writes: “Another tip which could be useful:  I could not find my snipping tool on Windows 10 so I put a call in to Microsoft.  Janet instructed me to click on the Windows Start Button and then type Snipping Tool.  Viola, there it is !  I would venture to guess if there is any accessory you cannot find, repeat the above and type in its name.”


Norine I like that tip. I talk quite a bit about it in our Windows 10 Guide.  It’s always my first suggestion to find anything in Windows 10 or Windows 8. It also works for Windows 7, though I think the search function is a bit more thorough in the later versions of the operating system.

Also, if you have Cortana enabled you can easily open programs or do web searches just by speaking.

~ Cynthia

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  1. these are very good tips — I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the technology —- yikes — win 10 — android– tablet– bought eBooks- was for Kindle but Amazon acutally gave me a free App Reader— so I’m all set — now is the doing of it !! LOL — but bit by bit I’m getting there thanks to Steve & Cynthia — keep writing — thanks

  2. Glad to see this, it may help, but I have not tried it yet. However Cortana must be a blonde. I have never gotten a relevant answer to any question asked of her. Even if you spell out that you only want an answer pertaining to an item, the info is unusable. I usually have to go to Bing after wasting a lot of time. Unlike any past version of windows, you can not ask a question about the system and get an answer. All though I hated Win 8, it did allow you to ask a question and not try to sell you something or give an answer like say on Java or something.

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