Sometimes I give you guys tips, sometimes you give them to me. “Norine Peardon from the beautifully named town of  Oconomowoc, Wisconsi  writes: “Another tip which could be useful:  I could not find my snipping tool on Windows 10 so I put a call in to Microsoft.  Janet instructed me to click on the Windows Start Button and then type Snipping Tool.  Viola, there it is !  I would venture to guess if there is any accessory you cannot find, repeat the above and type in its name.”


Norine I like that tip. I talk quite a bit about it in our Windows 10 Guide.  It’s always my first suggestion to find anything in Windows 10 or Windows 8. It also works for Windows 7, though I think the search function is a bit more thorough in the later versions of the operating system.

Also, if you have Cortana enabled you can easily open programs or do web searches just by speaking.

~ Cynthia