The Rise And Rise Of CEO Blogs

Founders and CEOs of companies writing blogs is a rising trend online. But do they really help businesses?

I”ll tell you about some of those blogging business magnates, one of them doing it for over a decade now, in just a bit. But before I get there, let’s talk about what makes a good blog.  CEO blogs work if they are unselfish and give back something to the reader.  That could be insight, information or entertainment.  Blog posts should not be sanitized by the lawyers and PR people. Then, it becomes a varnished press release with no soul. A corporate blog should remain an interactive bridge with employees, investors, friends and potential recruits.

If press releases are a black tie affair, CEO blogging is conversation over coffee. The more candid the blog posts, the better.

Here are a few CEO blogs that I admire:

Bill Marriott: This is my favorite corporate blogger, because it shows heart, and Bill has been doing it for several years now, with remarkable consistency.  Bill is the executive chairman of Marriott International. Over a million people stay in his hotels on any given night.  Bill blogs about all those behind-the-scenes staffers who make it all happen.

These are people who are not known by their titles. Just their work.  Every blog post of his is a lesson in humility. His signature sign-off makes it all the more likeable: “I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.27.19 pm

Richard Edelman: The blog of the president and CEO of Edelman is filled with canny insights. From his observations on the World Economic Forum to communication trends in the financial services industry, Edelman has been baring his soul for over a decade and counting.

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Colin Byrne: The CEO of Weber Shandwick EMEA and a self-confessed “reformed political spin doctor” dwells on all things PR and more. His  insight on what’s trending and what’s going south will bowl you over.  Like this gem: “The media are losing control. They don’t dictate our views any more, and there are so many voices and influencers out there on social media. The question is, will we use social media to get engaged in the debate and take more control on politics ourselves.”

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Mark Cuban: The proprietor of Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres & Magnolia Pictures empowers you with knowledge acquired over the years.  His topics can vary from an idiot’s guide to high frequency trading to six things you need to know to be great in business. Not to mention, his maverick take on net neutrality, streaming media and sports marketing. He is also the bloke who will turn around and say: “Don’t follow your passion, follow your effort”.

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~ Zahid H Javali, Write Wing Media

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