Ernie has a question about Facebook Log ins. “My “problem” to me about having to be on facebook or twitter for so many things. I get emails, mostly political, to which I’d like to leave comments but you must sign in to Facebook (mostly). I DON’T WANT TO BE ON FACEBOOK. Any way to get around that?”

Ernie, many of these sites offer alternative ways to log in, though that generally involves creating an account.  Websites love the convenience of Facebook comments because setting up and maintaining comments on a website is a while lot of work. And also, people are more likely to comment if they don’t have to go through the hassle of registering  for comments.

Also Facebook comments get more views because friends of the commenter will also see the comments. They cut down on the level of Spam as well.

Many sites give you multiple options for logging in. For TV Guide I can choose Facebook Twitter, Yahoo or a Google Account (my gmail address) or create a separate account with TV Guide.


Log-ins are required for posting comments to help stop Spam and to also discourage people from being threatening or insulting on line.

There are sites like Disqus – a global comment log-in platform that will allow you to log in with an e-mail account and then let you log into many websites with that profile.


However, there are some sites that only offer a Facebook log-in option.


If no Facebook alternative is offered, you can just skip the commenting. You could also contact the site and request an alternate method of registering.

Be aware that even if you start a Facebook account, you aren’t required to do any actual Facebooking. You certainly don’t have to post and you can fix the privacy setting so that other people can’t find you when they search on Facebook. You could certainly set up a profile for the purposes of logging on to sites, then set it with super-tight security so that no one can tag you or post on your wall, or even find you in a search on Facebook. You’d never have to bother looking at it again if you didn’t want to.

~ Cynthia