Which E-mail Is Most Like Outlook?

Dolly has a question about Microsoft Outlook. She writes: “Hi, I will be retiring soon and hate the thought that I will no longer have Microsoft Outlook for my emails as I love having to store and drag in email to a personal folder. I am very illiterate when it comes to all this technology. my daughter tells me to set up a Gmail but I hate the look as it isn’t as user friendly as the MS Outlook is. Can you explain all the different email providers and the one closest to resemble the MS Outlook for looks and convenience?”

Dolly, there’s no reason you can’t still have Outlook if you want it. The e-mail client is part of the Office 365 subscription and you can get that for a single user for $69.99 per year. That includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. All programs that you’re probably familiar with if you’ve worked in a Office.


Outlook can be purchased by itself for a one-time installation for just a little over $100 from Microsoft.

If you’d rather have a free e-mail client program, consider Windows Live Mail. It features many, but not all of the features of Outlook and it is easy to download and install. Click here to learn more.


With Outlook or Live Mail, or any other e-mail client program, you can use whatever e-mail address you want. Copies of your messages will be downloaded to the e-mail client on your PC.  Windows 8.1 and 10 both have an e-mail app pre-installed, but I don’t think you’ll like them very much if you want something similar to Outlook.

If you don’t want to install an e-mail client program on your PC, then you’ll need to access you mail through a web client like that Gmail interface you didn’t like very much.

If you’re familiar with the more recent versions of Outlook, then Outlook.com may work for you. It’s free to set up an account and additionally, you get free access to Microsoft Office apps online and free cloud storage in One Drive.

If you have a Hotmail, Live, MSN or Outlook.com e-mail address, you already have an account.


I hope one of these options works for you.

~ Cynthia

10 thoughts on “Which E-mail Is Most Like Outlook?

  1. Why not try IncrediMail? I’ve used it for years. It’s uncomplicated UI is very user friendly and it’s free. There is a paid version but that is for a yearly license and it doesn’t really offer that much more for what they charge.

  2. I find your answer to this lady as condescending. Your answer pay $69 per year or $100 for a program. You seem to think people who have computers are rich! Outlook WAS part of Microsoft Office till they got greedy. The more I think of my horrible experience with Windows 10 and reversal the more I think of giving up on Microsoft! And your attitude sounds just like the idiots that didn’t learn a damn thing when people did not like Win 8.

    1. Karen:
      I certainly wasn’t being condescending. She wanted an e-mail program similar to Outlook at work and Outlook for home users is a valid option. Six dollars a month or a one time purchase of $100 that will last multiple years certainly isn’t an outrageous fee, but some people might not want to spend it. That’s why I also suggested the free alternative of Windows Live Mail and Outlook.com. I even explained how she could use Microsoft Office Apps for free online.
      Outlook Express was a part of the Windows operating system and it was replaced with Windows Live Mail, which is still available for free. There’s also a mail app included with Windows 8 and 10, but I think if she’s looking for similarity to Outlook, she’d probably prefer Live Mail.

  3. I don’t know if it is still true now but Incredimail used to be full of malware/spyware maybe even viruses? I miss Outlook Express, but I use Windows Live Mail

  4. I have used Live Mail for years (I was a corporate outlook user), however Microsoft appears to be making Live Mail unusable for MS mail clients such as Hotmail. I would like you to publish information and analysis regarding this.

    I have installed Win10 Outlook but continue to use Live Mail, Hotmail is in both. I also installed Win 10 Mail. Win 10 mail may be wonderful for cell phone use but as a email management system it is useless. I have not convert my POP 3 email to Win 10 Outlook.
    One problem with both these new email clients is that they do not have Properties. How am I suppossed to find out if the email is from Justin Trudeau (Liberal party Of Canada) or a Nigerian PrinceÉ They both want money.
    Thank you, you have a great site.

  5. Just got Win 10 and constantly get “something happened on our end. Please refresh your browser of close it and sign in again” in outlook.com. It is annoying. I didn’t have this in Window 7.

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