Where Are My E-mail Folders In Windows 10?

Cecil can’t find his e-mail folders since upgrading to Windows 10. He writes: “Prior to downloading Win 10, I used Win 7 and Hotmail allowed me to create folders to which I could move e-mails I wanted to save. Now, on Win 10, I can’t find these e-mails. Where did they go and how do I find them?”


Cecil, did you use Outlook.co online or did you use an e-mail such as Live Mail on you your PC? If you used Live Mail, it is still there. Simply search for “Live Mail” in you search bar and click on the results. Use that program instead of the Windows Mail app.

If you were using Outlook.com (Hotmail) online, it is unchanged. Just go to http://www.outlook.com and sign in.

~ Cynthia

8 thoughts on “Where Are My E-mail Folders In Windows 10?

  1. You make it sound so simple. Windows 10 and associates assumes that everyone is already a Windows account user, that we know the ins and outs of their system. I spent 2+ days trying to get my magic code that is supposed to allow me to enter all Windows. Once I got the number by phone, the easiest and best way to get it, Windows 10 stopped asking for it and only requested my email address and password. I am ready to return to Windows 7.

    1. David:

      I’m not sure what you mean by a magic code. If you were upgrading from Windows 7 to 10, you shouldn’t have needed to enter you product key unless you did an clean install instead of the upgrade. If you’re talking about a Microsoft Account, that you can set up for yourself online in about five minutes.

      1. Cynthia:

        If and only if you are already familiar with Windows email system. If you’re not, and everyone expects you to be, it’s not that easy. The biggest problem is the assumption that we are all familiar with Windows. This makes it confusing because they don’t give any help.

      2. I changed to W 10. I use Windows Live. I did lose many of my folders and the emails in them. Where? The photos were my biggest loss. I had 1000’s all neatly arranged in many folders, but only a few came through and many (1000s) of photos are someplace, but I don’t know.
        Otherwise, I really like Windows 10. Loss of folders and files is aggravating as I had organized them carefully over the years. Even my Picaso folders got disorganized and they put them all in chronological order, not by subject as I had done.

      3. George:

        If you’re using Windows Live Mail, the content of the program should be unchanged. Your photo library should also be unchanged, if that’s were you were storing photo. When you click on Libraries and then photos under file explorer, what do you see.

  2. dosn’t help me. My e-mails were saved on aol. Even though the Geek Squard copied everything from my old computer to the new one, that uses Windows 10, it’s not there.

    1. Karen, if your e-mails were saved on AOL, you should still be able to go to AOL.com to see them and find any folders you created.

  3. since a change to Window10, I lost all my yahoo emails folders and contacts ! what can I do to recover them ?

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