In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article, we counted down some of the best tablets on the market. Now, we’re ready to check out the top 3 models out there. While these tablets, aren’t cheap, you get a lot of value for the money. And whether you prefer Windows, Android or iOS, we’ve got a great device for everyone.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Even though the first generations of the Surface weren’t all that great, Microsoft has managed to greatly refine the tablet in its third itineration. The Surface Pro 3 is dedicated to people who need more than a traditional tablet could offer.


This tablet could easily be a laptop or even a desktop replacement, considering it’s equipped with computer hardware instead of mobile chips. You still have the portability of a normal tablet, but you get a full fledged laptop with a proper keyboard when you need it. This could be a good thing for travelers, as the device is considerably easier to carry than a laptop.
The tablet is offered a wide range of configurations. From the base i3 with 4 Gb of RAM to a last gen i7 paired with 8 Gb of RAM. This is a good thing because it lets you choose the right amount of processing power for your needs. The display is 1080p, which might seem a little low for a tablet in this price range, but it has the advantage of using less battery power.This is one of the most expensive tablets out there, starting at $800 for the base model and going up to a whooping $1400 for the maxed out version. It might seem expensive (mainly because it is) but you will get two devices into one. You can turn it anytime from the convenient and easy to carry tablet into a powerful laptop, depending on your needs.

2. Google Nexus 9

The Google Nexus 9 is yet another device from Google’s Nexus family of devices. It is the replacement for last year’s Nexus 10 and Nexus 7, with it’s 8.9 inch display coming in the middle of those two devices. This year’s tablet is manufactured by HTC and runs a vanilla, barebones version of Android. This means a blazing fast experience, that isn’t bogged down by bloatware and invasive skins. For many THE Android tablet, making it a very good choice for anyone who is in the market for a tablet.


Being manufactured by HTC, it offers good build quality and high power HTC Boom Sound front facing stereo speakers. It is also equipped with a 64-bit CPU that delivers desktop class performance while keeping the power consumption and heat output low.Nexus tablets always represented good value for money, and this one makes no exception. It is priced at $358, which is not a huge price to pay for a tablet that is as good as this one. Also, keep in mind that because Nexus devices are produced by Google, they will receive updates for longer in the future than comparable tablets, so your tablet will stay relevant for longer.

1. Apple iPad Air 2

Our pick for the first place, the best tablet money can buy, is the iPad Air 2. And it’s easy to figure out why. On all levels, the iPad Air 2 is an extraordinary tablet. It features Apple’s in house-made triple core CPU, paired with 2 Gb of RAM. The huge ram amount is a first for Apple. Because of it, the tablet will feature split screen multitasking when the iOS 9 update comes out, making it much more useful. The screen is now laminated, so there’s no air gap between the glass and the display itself, which leads to lower reflections and a more vibrant image.


The fingerprint reader makes unlocking the device much easier while also improving the security.The tablet comes in three storage variants and there’s also LTE capability available. The 16 Gb model costs $499, but we recommend to step up to the 64 Gb $599 one, because the tablet isn’t equipped with a micro sd card slot. Because of that the storage space might become a issue.

That wraps up our list of the best tablets out there.

~ Radu