Change Your Firefox Theme

Themes provide a background for your Firefox browser which will appear in the tabs and background of the tabs. For example, instead of the regular grey tabs your Firefox browser probably has, you can change your tabs colour to pink, blue or any colour you want. You can also change the theme to an image such as stars, mountains or even a circuit board. With over 300,000 themes to choose from, you should have everything you need!

In this article, you’ll learn how to change the theme of your Firefox browser and also download new themes from the Add-Ons Firefox Store.

Open Mozilla Firefox from your Desktop, Start Menu or Task Bar.


The browser should open up. Click on the button in the top right hand corner with three lines. This will open up a small menu with a series of options.


Then, click on the “Customize” button at the end of the dropdown menu. It should be accompanied by a small plus icon.


By clicking on the Customize button, you will open the Customization Mode. This allows you to change features such as menu bars, icon placement and themes.

Click on the “Themes” button at the bottom of the screen that’s accompanied by the icon of an Earth symbol.


You will get four or five themes which are already packaged with your browser. You may want to change your theme to one of these, or you may want a different one. For this article, I’ve selected “Space Fantasy” which has a background of stars.


If you want to pick a different theme or want a special theme that isn’t on the list, you will need to download one from the Add-Ons Store. Click on “Get More Themes” in the themes dropdown menu. This will bring you to the store where you can browse over 300,000 themes.


From the store you can search for themes or browse through the various categories. Either type in what you want into the search box or click on the category you’d most like a theme in. Don’t be overly specific with your search, just keep it to one or two words.

For this demo, I’m going to search for “galaxy” and see which themes I get.


You will get a list of results, no matter whether you choose to select a category or to search for a theme.

I’ve selected a theme of the Andromeda galaxy.

When you hover over a theme, a preview will pop up in your browser so you can what it’s like. Once you like a theme, you can press the green “Add” button which pops up when you hover over a theme.

Once you do this, the theme should be added!


~ Silvia

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