Copy & Paste In Command Prompt In Windows 10

One cool new feature of Windows 10 – is that you’ll now have the ability to copy and paste inside the command prompt using Ctrl C and Ctrl V.  If you’ve ever had to copy a long instruction where you weren’t sure if there needed to be a space in there or not, you’ll really appreciate this.

Here’s how to activate it.  Open Command prompt and then right-click the bar. Select Properties. In the window that opens  uncheck Use legacy console. Then under Edit Options, enable Insert Mode and Enable Ctrl key shortcuts.


~ Cynthia

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    1. Hey Leslie, The short answer is ‘Run: cmd.exe from the Windows Start Menu’ or if you need more info; Google ‘Windows 10 command prompt’, enough said.

    1. Joe, check out the link I posted it is for windows 10 hope it helps
      Amanda and Cynthia thanks for all your great OS 10 tips learning learning

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