Apple’s El Capitan Is Here

Apple’s latest update to the OS X operating system is here. It’s called El Capitan it’s free for all Mac users who can support the update.


El Captian should work on all Macs introduced since 2009 and also on some models from 2007 and 2008. Those include:

iMac (Mid 2007 or later)

Xserve (Early 2009)

Mac Pro (Early 2008 and later)

Mac Mini (Early 2008 and later)

MacBook ( 13-inch Aluminum late 2008)

Macbook (13-inch, early 2009 or later)

Macbook Pro ( 13 inch, mid 2009 or later)

Macbook Pro (15-inch, mid/late 2007 or later)

Mackbook Pro (17-inch, late 2007 or later)

MacBook Air (late 2008 or later)

You’ll need at least 2GB RAM for El Capitan and 8GB of storage for the installer.

El Capitan features a smarter spotlight search. Much like Windows 10 search, it can now be used to search weather conditions, sports scores as well as files. They’ve also improved natural language search, so you can type in “e-mail from Bob” or “report I worked on this morning.” to find a file.


You’ll now be able to pin your favorite sites in the Safari browser, which features a quick mute button to silence your browser audio.


The Mail app will now offer Smart Suggestions. It will scan names or events in messages and suggest that you put them in your contacts or add events to your calendar.


The improved Notes App now acts a lot like Microsoft’s OneNote – you’ll be able to drag and drop photos, files and videos into a note plus add content from other apps.


You can sync your notes across iCloud and access them from any iOS mobile device.


Apple is also proud of their new streamlined Mission Control that arranges all of your windows in a single layer.


Plus a new split view that allows you to work on two apps at once.


Click here to upgrade to El Capitan.

~ Cynthia


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