What Will Happen Next With Pogo?

Delia’s worried what’s going to happen with the Pogo Game site. “I keep reading where Pogo will have to shut down due to their use of Java and Flashplayer. Just received a notification from Pogo today that this is NOT true. They are working to find better ways and will continue to add more games and they will not be going anywhere. What are the true facts here???? Are they going to be shutting down due to Flashplayer and it will be to expensive for them to create something better???? Facts on this subject please!”


Delia:  The facts on the situation are that there are numerous concerns about Flashplayer and Java security. Some browsers are no longer supporting those platforms, meaning that you can’t play games using those browsers.  You’ll get the screen below instead of the usual home page.


Security experts have called for an end to Flash, but a great many sites still depend on Flash-based applications. Ending browser support for Java in Google Chrome is seen as a way of forcing the hands of sites to switch to a safer platform.

No one is going to shut down the Pogo website. And what Pogo will do next is entirely up to Pogo. They could just leave their Flash-based games as they are and count on loyal players to switch to browsers that support Flash by default. Although eventually, that might lead to a declining pool of users.


Their other option is to create new games on platforms like HTML5 or rebuild older games from the ground up on a new, safer platform.

Switching a game to a new platform is an expensive time-consuming proposition.  There’s a lot of speculation out there as to which road Pogo might take. As mobile gaming on tablets and phones rises, casual PC gaming has declined, so some think they might shift their focus to mobile games.


If Pogo says they intend to add new games, I have no reason to think they aren’t telling the truth. But you’ll know soon enough if they plan to launch new games on new platforms because they’ll either do it or they won’t.  I certainly don’t have any inside knowledge on their future business plans (and most people writing on the subject don’t either.)

The facts as we know them are that there are a log of security concerns about Flash and Java games. Some browsers no longer support Java, so you can’t play Pogo games on them.

Since I don’t think Google is going to back down on this issues, the ball is really in the court of websites like Pogo.

~ Cynthia

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