Apple CEO Bashes “Free” Services

Apple CEO Tim Cook had an warning for users of “free” online services in a blog post about privacy. He said that consumers are the product and that they need to beware.

He said, “A few years ago, users of Internet services began to realize that when an online service is free, you’re not the customer. You’re the product.”


He said that at Apple, they sell products. And expensive ones at that. While Apple does offer a great many services, their services are tied to the purchase of their hardware.

Users of services like Gmail or Facebook,  never have to purchase a particular product to take advantage of the services. In what seems like a direct swipe at Google’s Gmail, he also said Apple will never read your e-mail content or monitor your browsing habits to sell that information to advertisers.

While Apple does have the iAd advertising business, Cook insists that it respects your privacy. Cook also went on to assure users that the Apple has never worked with any government agency to create backdoor access to your information.

Though, like all tech companies, they do provide information when directed to by court order.

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16 thoughts on “Apple CEO Bashes “Free” Services

  1. It depends on the information (as I read each and every one of them) but generally I’m not paranoid and also (as far as the results that comes from getting personal) I possess a working ‘kill’ clicker finger.

  2. I would gladly pay for a service, depending on the price, that provided privacy and did anything to decrease the number of ads I get.

  3. I’m OK with Free Solution/Service Providers selling information about me/interests as long as it remains within legal and moral limits!

  4. Yes it would be worth paying to have more security on the Internet. So I suppose this will be the new direction for the Internet in the future .

  5. I believe if people was being charged they would lose a lot of members simply because a lot of elderly people and shut ins communicate with FB and etc. I for one would not pay for these things. I grew up in an era where we wrote letters and called people so it would not bother me to go back to that. They younger crowd today would probably pay since that is basically their way of life, see what I want and pay for it no matter the cost or charge it.

  6. I’ve already tried one of Apple’s phones and one of their tablets. I endured their service and products for the required two-year contract and have no desire to ever do so again. The idea of a paid, more secure and private service than gmail does indeed appeal to me though. Can you recommend one that allows me to keep messages and contacts on their server/s and syncs those e-mails and contacts instantly with my Android devices as does google? I honestly didn’t know any existed. Many thanks in advance!

    1. What has Earl “endured”?
      I just recently purchased a MACbook.Thus far I have no issues.It is different from my prior PC’s.I dont’t believe that their Numbers is better than Excel.And I do not understand all the aspects of the Apple system.However I am considering getting a “pass me down” I-phone. A lot of people tell me that it is easier to use than a Android.

  7. I pay for my email at the University but I am under no illusion that I am icognito. In fact, I believe that there is no such things as privacy…. keep on dreaming folks!

  8. I would not pay for e-mail or social web sites for greater privacy.If I don’t want people to see something, I don’t post it. Greater privacy doesn’t mean total privacy, so sooner or later everything posted could and might end up somewhere it shouldn’t.

  9. There is a substantial portion of our population who without free access to the web and all it offers would be excluded from that resource. Given that Schools , etc. now require internet and Email access for most children, They would not get any education or fall far behind without free access.
    Apple needs to get civic responsibility mode in place!!!

  10. I am not doing anything that I am ashamed of and my assets are meager enough that I need to use all free services that I can.

  11. I am with Jeri, we that use free on-line services, use them because they are free and can not afford more.
    We use what we can pay for. And already pay plenty to get on the internet.
    Please use my initials only! JJ

  12. It’s way way too late to think about keeping your personal information private. All the information about yourself is already floating around the internet and there is not much you can do about it!

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