Welcome to the Digital Public Library of America! They are bringing together information from America’s archives, libraries, and museums into one location where you can access it from around the world for free.

When you arrive at the site, the cursor is automatically set to the search field, so that you can just type in what you are looking for and get started.

If you’d rather poke around the site without doing a search, they provide you three ways to do so:

Exhibitions – clicking into this section will allow you to browse all the digital exhibitions that they have at the moment. The topics range from the history of libraries, activism, the Great Depression, the Moon Race, and more!

Explore by Place  – clicking into this section will take you to a map! On that map you’ll find red circle pins with numbers on them showing you how many items are in that location. Looking for cool history from your home town? Click on your State and see what comes up!

Explore by Date – clicking into this section takes you to a timeline. There you can pick the date you’re interested in exploring. I picked my birth year, 1982, and discovered almost 50, 000 different items to explore.

This is such a cool way to experience archival, library, and museum holdings, go check it out for yourself today!