Outlook Adds Facebook-Style Features

E-mail is about to get a lot more social. Microsoft announced that it will add “Likes” and “@Mentions” to Outlook on the web.

For those of you unfamiliar with social media such as Facebook. A “like” is when you click a button to signifying your approval or interest in a post that someone makes on social media. Unlike a return receipt, which acknowledges that something has been opened, a “like” would indicate that this particular message has engaged you.

Mentions are used on service like Instagram and Twitter to let a fellow user know that you’ve mentioned him or her in a post. Mentions are proceeded by the @ symbol and then your user name.

E-mail, instant messaging and text messaging seem to be getting more and more alike every moment of the day as new features are introduced to messaging apps.

E-mail will now have that same little thumbs-up symbol that you see on Facebook posts. Click it to show your approval and the sender will receive a notification that you’ve liked the message. If someone likes a message you’ve sent, you’ll receive a notification as well.


To add a mention, just type the @ symbol somewhere in the body of an e-mail you are composing. That will bring up a list of your frequent contents and your directory. You can then select the person’s name and they’ll be automatically added to the To: line.


Their name will be highlighted in the message the the message will show up flagged in their inbox. You’ll also be able to sort by all messages in which you are mentioned, so you can make sure to respond.


Right now the changes are coming to the Outlook on the web, which is found in workplaces.  It will be available to all Office 365 commercial subscriptions that include Outlook on the web. That includes the Business, Enterprise, EDU and Government plans. Microsoft expects to bring the same features to Outlook 2016 for PC and Mac and for their Outlook apps for iPhones and Android phones at the beginning of next year.

What do you think of these social features coming to e-mail? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia

8 thoughts on “Outlook Adds Facebook-Style Features

  1. This is a terrible idea. As an adult and a professional, I use my email for purposes of information and communication. If I wanted to participate in Facebook other social media, I would become part of those programs.

    Couldn’t Outlook at least include an opt-out provision?

  2. I’m not against social media, but there is enough already. I’d prefer e-mail to just stay e-mail, don’t clutter it up.

  3. O, Please-No.
    So…. ”Daycare”. Enough w/the FaceBook.
    Let’s keep email professional and to serve its’ purpose..without all the crayons and junk!!

  4. …I enjoy reading the comments and suggestions, but help me here-all of this is
    garbled and the text is overlapping.
    I use google chrome, and I do use the
    ”view entire text here”….is that why?
    everything else is aligned well.


  5. I get enough emails as it is – I don’t need more confirming that I liked an email. All of this stuff is confusing to begin with – why not add a little more confusion and clutter to our lives 🙁

  6. I had Facebook but got tired of it…shut it down. I do not want it on or in my email . I am the older generation and have other interests for my commputer
    So Please leave us a way to turn it off if they put it in.

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