More people have been killed in 2015 while trying to take a selfie than have been killed by sharks.

Twelve people have been reported killed in Selfie accidents, including a guy who fell down some stairs at the Taj Mahal, while six people have fallen victim to shark attacks.


Of course that doesn’t mean that selfies are more dangerous that sharks. Millions upon millions of folks take selfies every single day while considerably less go swimming in shark-infested waters.

But selfies also probably account for a large number of accidents and we all know that any kind of distracted driving has the potential to be deadly.

But photography does seem to be a particular problem for some people. I told you a couple of weeks ago about a park that had to shut down because people wouldn’t stop taking selfies with bears.


But people using a camera not realizing they’re in danger isn’t limited to folks snapping selfies with phones.  Once people get behind a lens, they often lose touch with the fact that what they are looking at through the lens is actually happening around them.

Having worked in television for many years, it’s something photojournalists are constantly warned about and need to be aware of.

It’s possible to get so wrapped up shooting a spectacular fire that you forget that you’re actually at the scene of a fire and in danger. Remember all that video people look of a tsunami rolling where they just stood there as the waves rushed towards them? Or people outside taking photos of approaching tornadoes instead of heading to the cellar?

There was a case of a photographer so wrapped up in taking photos of bears, that he didn’t seem to realize that it was a very bad thing that the bears kept getting closer and closer.


People have fallen downsstairs, walked off cliffs and gotten hit by cars and trains because looking through a viewfinder distorted their sense of reality.

So whether you’re taking a selfie, a nature picture or a good shot of the moon. Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t start walking unless you can see where you are going. And don’t get too close to dangerous situations. Pictures aren’t worth your life.

~ Cynthia