0 thoughts on “How Do I Setup An Administrator Account In Windows 10?

  1. I am a volunteer at our local computer club. We have a core group of 7 volunteer/members who did the Win 10 upgrade in early August and learned a lot. We then trained our other volunteers on Win 10 in September and are now helping and educating those of our 1,000+/- members on how to prepare for and do a successful upgrade. I was not aware that Win 10 is not allowing easy access to Admin Account on our systems. We recommend our members work in Standard User Account mode and leave the Admin Account for special use as needed.

    Thank you for this tip. It will be very helpful for us.

  2. I followed the instructions in the article “How Do I Setup An Administrator Account In Windows 10?” I followed the instructions. I received the response to the command that said that the command completed successfully.
    I then opened the start menu clicked on my name and got the same x3 item list but no Administrator entry.
    What did I do wrong?

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