In The News 10-16-15

Amazon Drops Apple TV & Chromecast Sales

Amazon is serious about pushing its Fire TV streaming devices. So serious, in fact that it will no longer sell Apple TV or Google Chromecast after the 29th of October.


They will continue to sell Roku streaming boxes, as well as both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, which have streaming capabilities.

Chromecast and Amazon are apparently out because they aren’t optimized to work with the Amazon Prime streaming service subscriptions.

Virus Stops Malware

Earlier in the week I told you about malware hitting Linux-based systems, but another different, mysterious virus that that infects routers, seems to have good intentions. Security giant Symanetec (the folks behind Norton) describes it as a vigilante for the Internet of things.  It’s called Linux.wifatch and once it infects a device, it tries to secure the device.

It also leaves a message telling users that it’s time to change the passwords and update the firmware. It also attempts to remove other malware infections on the device.


However, Symantec cautions that this is still a piece of code that infects your device without your permission, and has a lot of back doors that could be used for malicious codes.  The makers of the virus responded to Symantec and said they did it for fun, to help security, and as a learning experience – and also said that people shouldn’t trust them or anybody and should make sure their devices are secure.

Updates Crashed Facebook

Three brief Facebook outages back in September were caused by updates gone wrong. Facebook’s director of engineering said the issues were unrelated, but said that they began as part of “a planned code change that had unintended consequences in our ability to respond to server requests.”


Which I think can be translated to mean that “updates crashed Facebook.” The company didn’t get into details about what the updates were or what exactly went wrong.

~ Cynthia

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