Fun Halloween Party Photo Tip

Parties and get-togethers are great times to get photos of friends and family. Everyone is usually in a good mood and probably a little dressed up. Especially for something like a Halloween party, where folks might have costumes on.

I really like the idea of setting up a photo booth. You can take a corner of your room that works for a backdrop and put out a chair or a few props and invite folks to sit there for a photo. As you can see from this photo from, it can be as simple as painting and decorating an old frame.


The best part is, that you don’t necessarily even have to take the photos. With most people owning a camera phone, you can invite guests to take their own photos and upload them to a shared album. You could make one for the event of Facebook or ask for a particular hashtag on Instagram that will help you find all of the photos at the end of the evening.

Creating a shared album on Facebook is easy. Create an album as you normally would.  But make sure to check the box next to Make Shared Album.


Then add the names of friends you want to allow to contribute to and access the album.


Or guests could just e-mail the photos to you from their phones and you can put them all together later.

And you don’t even have to set up a particular spot. You can pick a prop or even a person. Everyone gets their photo taken with the birthday boy or, in the case of my Halloween parties, everyone gets their photo taken with my favorite Halloween decoration, Bat Baby.


But you could also choose the Christmas Tree or great-grandma.

Don’t be afraid to schedule a picture taking time, either. Decide beforehand that photos are going to be taken at 8 p.m. This give guests a chance to touch up if they want to and can also get the photos in before people have to leave.

While the temptation might be to take a group photo. Shots of one or two people tend to make for better memories. So even if you take a group shot, break it down a little.

Fun ways to do group shots could be family members who went to a particular school or divide folks up by fans of certain sports teams.

The great thing about digital photography is that you can take as many photos as you choose at no extra cost and you can share them pretty instantly with friends and family. Have fun!

~ Cynthia

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