Netflix Raising Rates To Fund Original Programming

Cord cutters will be paying a slightly higher price per month for streaming on-demand movies and programs from Netflix.


Starting November 18 it will cost new users. $9.99 a month for the company’s standard level of service.  That’s up $1 per month from the previous price of $8.99.

Current subscribers will be able to keep the $8.99 rate for a year.  The Standard subscription include HD programming, unlimited streaming and the ability for 2 users to watch on 2 separate screens at the same time.

The service has increasingly gotten involved in creating original programs, as as cable channels and broadcast networks have known for a long time, that’s expensive.

A spokesperson for the company said, “To continue adding more TV shows and movies including many Netflix original titles, we are modestly raising the price for some new members in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.”

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19 thoughts on “Netflix Raising Rates To Fund Original Programming

  1. For subscribers who only have one subscription service from you should be able to the $9.99. But I think you should give subscribers a discounted price who subscribe for more than one service from you. For example, I am paying for 2 Blu-rays at a time PLUS the livestreaming. I should be rewarded in some way for having both subscriptions. Perhaps if you gave people like me a discount, more people would subscribe to both. You could ultimately end up with more income that way. Encourage your customers to subscribe for more than one service.

  2. As a subscriber of Netflix, I’m glad to hear that we will not be paying the higher rate for another year, but with that said, Netflix is well worth the raise in cost and I would be staying with it regardless. It’s a Wonderful format with any type of movie anyone would ever want. To me, it’s a small price to pay for the enjoyment my husband and I receive through Netflix. I more than likely will never get rid of it.

  3. Looks like I’m good for a year as I’ve been with them from the start. The $1 hike is cool with me as it still beats cable.

  4. I don’t mind paying a little more but if they keep raising it l will cancel. It would defeat he purpose of having it.

  5. I have no problem with paying a dollar more a month. I watch Netflix every night. I love movies and I find very few good shows on TV these days. I get to watch BBC shows which are to my taste.

  6. I have no problem with a $1.00 per month increase and although I appreciate the years grace on this increase, it would not bother me to add it immediately. You have some very great shows on here.

  7. I don’t feel that great about rising the price because I just started a few months ago. It seems like everything rises but payroll.

  8. Many TV channels are leaving new series in cliffhangers and canceling. They have canceled many of my fav series, so if the raise in Netflix is to take these series as their own to continue them I don’t mind paying more, even if its two dollars more. Their service is worth the price and because cost of life has gone so high, they have a right to raise too if we don’t want the good service to be spoiled for lack of funds.

  9. I love Netflix. I do not miss those high cable bills, The price netflix charges are very reasonable for all they have to offer. I will pay the extra and be with Netflix a long time. Keep up the good work Netflix.

  10. I subscribe to both services with Netflix and don’t intend to drop them because of a small price increase. Cable is alot more expensive and you don’t watch the majority of what is offered. Plus, no commercials.

  11. I do not like it at all! I have not had a pay raise in 9 years. I will be forced to look around for another service! What a raw deal!!!!

  12. The raise is ok with me I cut direct got outside antenna have net fix hulu sling all for about $40 a month a saving of over $1200 a year and more to watch when i want . People shoud wake up get outside antenna SAVE BIG # .yOU CAN ALSO ADD ANDROI BOX FOR EVEN MORE FIN

  13. I do not mind the raise in price. Look at what you spend to go to the theater for one movie and you can watch as many movies as you want 24 hours a day for every day of the month and when you think of it that way, it’s cheap.

  14. I don’t watch their “Original Programing”. I only watch old TV series and maybe one movie a month. What would I get for my additional $$?

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