Tired of extra ads and crowded webpages?

One of my favorite features of Windows 10’s Edge browser is the Reading view. It strips way the extraneous stuff on a web page and shows you a clean version with just the article you want to read.

Here’s a webpage in standard view:


Here’s the same page in Reading View. You’ll notice that everything except the meat of the article is stripped away.


But if you’re a Firefox or Chrome user, you can still get this feature by adding a free extension called Clearly. Click here to head on over to their website and download Clearly.

The site can tell which browser you’re using and will offer you the correct download.


You’ll be taken to the web store for your browser where you’ll confirm that you want to add Clearly.


Once installed, the icon for Clearly will appear at the top of your browser.


If you’re on a web page and you want to clear out all the extra stuff, just click the icon. Here’s the same page in standard view.


And after I click the Clearly icon.


As you can see, the ads and other clutter are gone from the screen. If you look to the right of the screen you’ll see a menu that offers you the option to save that page to the EverNote program and to highlight areas on the screen.  You can also change the look of your reading screen and print.


To turn off Clearly, you just click the icon again.

~ Cynthia