In this quick tip, I’m going to discuss what I call “netiquette” – proper etiquette for using the Internet, e-mail and forms of electronic communication. Now, the etiquette that applies in face-to-face communication applies to online communication.

One rule of face-to-face communication: There’s no need for shouting. Typing in all caps is the equivalent of shouting. You might do it occasionally for emphasis in a comment or an e-mail, but unless you really do intend to SHOUT YOUR WHOLE MESSAGE, take off the caps lock.


If you use caps because you want a larger font, most e-mail programs give you the opportunity to switch your font or the size of your font. And that’s a better option that all caps.


Using all caps can keep you from being heard at all. Many spam filters automatically block comments and e-mails that contain all caps. SO STOP DOING IT!

That is all.

~ Cynthia