How Can I Save Things From AOL?

A reader is ready to switch services, but is worried about saved items. “I was wondering if you could tell me what I would need (if anything) to copy my favorites on AOL and AOL saved items. (attachments) I’m wanting to change providers, but worry about saved things that are very important to me.

I do want to make sure that by providers you mean that you want to switch browsers and mail service. If you’re happy with AOL you can continue to use the desktop and mail for free no matter who your Internet service provider might be.

If you’re ready to switch mail providers, you’ll want to make sure that you download and save all of your attachments to your PC. You really should have been doing this all along, it’s not a good idea to leave attachments you want to save in your e-mail. The message could be deleted and you’d lost your attachment. Here’s how to save attachments in AOL.

If you’re using the AOL Desktop, attachments will appear like this in your mail messages. Right-click and choose download now to save or click the download button and choose download now.


You’ll be given a choice to pick the files to save it in.


If you’ve already downloaded and saved those files to your PC, they won’t be affected if you stop using the AOL client.

If you’re using the webmail version of AOL, the attachment will look like this.


Click on the attachment and you’ll be offered the choice to open it or save the file.


Choose save and it will probably go to your downloads file, but you can choose another location.


If these files have already been saved, they won’t be affected if you switch e-mail providers or get rid of the AOL desktop.

Getting your favorite out of the AOL browser is a little tricky. You’ll need help with that.  Click here to learn about the the AOL Favorites Bookmarklet.

The bookmarklet will help you export to Internet Explorer. But if you’re using Chrome, Firefox or Safari, the site also offers an extension that you can download.

~ Cynthia

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