Yahoo wants to kill the password and they hope the new Yahoo! Mail app will be a nail in the coffin for what they consider an outdated way of doing things.

The release of the app coincides with the 18th birthday of Yahoo! Mail and it features a password-free sign in called Yahoo Account Key.


Yahoo says  this feature will take user convenience and security to the next level. Earlier in the year, the company started offering an on-demand password that would let you sign into your Yahoo account after receiving a unique, one-use code via text message.

According to Yahoo VP Dylan Casey, “Passwords are difficult to remember and secondary sign-in verification is inconvenient and confusing.” Casey made Yahoo’s intentions clear saying, “We’re going to kill passwords altogether.”

¬†Here’s how it works. When you want to sign into your account through the app, you tap a button. Yahoo then sends an alert to your phone asking you to confirm that you want to sign in. You tap to say yes and you’ll be signed into the account.
Signing out will be as simple as tapping, too. But this sign in feature isn’t all that’s new with Yahoo! Mail App.
Tomorrow, we’ll check out the other new features.
~ Cynthia