Yahoo Steps Up Its Game With New Mail App

Yahoo! Mail has a new app for your phone or tablet. It’s been fully re-designed to keep up with the stiff¬† mail app competition, and has a ton of new features.

The most notable is that Yahoo! kills off passwords with the new Account Key feature. We talked about that in-depth yesterday, so click here if you missed that article.

Yahoo is throwing around the typical buzzwords saying the app is elegant and beautiful and offers acleaner, intuitive, richer, deeper, more powerful experiences…blah…blah…blah… But what can this app really do?

For one, it can manage multiple e-mail accounts. You can access your and AOL accounts among others.


Adding photos and videos will be easier. You’ll just need to tap the + icon on your message to select them from your phone.

The image will be displayed inside your message and be scaled automatically. If you prefer to send it as an attachment, you can do so with just one tap.


You’ll also be able to delete messages or mark them as read with just a swipe across the screen. You can also now use a long press to select multiple messages.


The company also seems pretty excited about a feature that will put a pretty photo in place of a plain gray icon in case you don’t have a photo selected for a contact. Instead of an “ugly” gray contact icon, Yahoo will insert a random photo “curated from our library of gorgeous Flickr images.”¬† I don’t know how many people were struggling with the problem of unattractive avatars, but that problem has been solved.

There’s an improved search that helps you find messages, photos or attachments a lot faster.


And if you like to send remind e-mails to yourself, you can just long-press the compose button to get one started.

You can download the free app from the Google Play or Apple App store.

~ Cynthia

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