I heard this from a reader. “I took your advice about switching to Linux because XP wasn’t safe to use. Your advice said Ubuntu was good for beginners, so I followed instructions to put it on my machine.  I don’t understand how some things work on here and you say the best place to go is a web page for Ubuntu users to post for help. I can’t understand what they are saying most of the time and when you ask what things mean, they use more words I don’t get or they say mean things about how dumb you are.  I bought a book called Ubuntu Unleashed and it was all way over my head. Do I just give up?”


I’m not a fan of giving up, but I’m not opposed to switching if something isn’t working out for you. I will suggest to make sure you’re asking questions in areas designated for beginners. That being said, tech-minded people can often be not-so-nice to people who don’t get their jargon. Plus, the Internet can bring out the worst in people when it comes to name-calling.


You don’t find a huge amount of reference material published for Linux-based home systems because only a little over 1% of users have it on their PC. Linux is much more popular in the business world. When looking for reference material, you’ll want basic guides designed for home users. And there aren’t many of them – because as I said, only a little over 1% of home users have Linux-based systems and Ubuntu accounts for just a portion of that.


Because the percentage of folks who use it at home is so small, sometimes you’ll find almost a hobby-like attitude towards flavors of Linux like Ubuntu. People are very protective of it and any criticism of the operating system. They know a whole lot about it and can sometimes roll their eyes at people who don’t.

If you aren’t a person that enjoys playing around with a computer and customizing it to your needs, this may not be a good system for you. Your best bet may be to find a friend who a local tech-expert who uses and likes Ubuntu and is willing to give you advice.

Also, I’m going ask our readers who enjoy Ubuntu to suggest some resources. After all – Ubuntu is a free, community-based OS. Where’s the best place for an absolute beginner to go for judgement-free help understanding Ubuntu? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia