A reader fell for something that I want to make sure to warn you about. She writes: “What do you know about Universal Driver Updater?  When I upgraded my computer to Windows 10, I had to leave for an appointment before it was done.  When I came back later, my husband went on the computer and there was a message on the screen to call a certain number because my computer could have a virus or was compromised.  Not knowing what to do, I called the number.  I talked to techieplatoon.  I ended up paying $250 for 3 months of service.  They took over my computer and I have been able to do e-mail and other things normally on my computer.  However, I keep getting this notice from Universal Driver Updater that I have 18 out of date or corrupt drivers that need updating.  However, it\’s going to cost me another $30 to have them updated.  Is this a legitimate program?  Is there another way to get your drivers up-to-date for free?  One of the things that happened when I updated to Windows 10 was that my printer wouldn’t work.  I have a Dell V313w all in one.  Techieplatoon fixed that problem for me, but now my printer is called something else – not Dell v313w.  Also, the printer won’t scan a document.  Any advice on that? Thanks so much for your help.”


Oh dear. I wished you’d asked before signing up. I guess it’s not precisely a scam because they do get you driver updates, but it’s pretty close to it. That pop-up your husband saw had nothing to do with you Windows 10 update. It was just an ad pop-up from a website that mimics a warning from a PC.

Any company that gets business that way is not one I’d care to let on my computer. Even if a company really does find driver updates for you, there’s no reason in the world you’d have to pay for it. Windows 10 will look for driver updates for you and so will many anti-virus programs.

If the system can’t find them, you can always go to the manufacturer’s website to find them for FREE. There’s certainly no reason to pay someone to look for them, but even if you wanted to, I sure wouldn’t trust a company that uses those methods to find customers.


Don’t give them another penny and if there’s some type of software installed on your PC from them, get it off. Made sure to run malware and anti-virus software to make sure they haven’t left anything suspicious on your PC.

As I said, Windows 10 should look for updates for your devices, but you can also go to the manufacturer’s support site to find them.  Click here for your printer. Dell’s support forums may be the best place to find information about your scanner.


I’m not saying you can’t pay a computer tech to handle things like driver updates if you absolutely want to, but I wouldn’t use anyone who uses shifty methods to obtain your business and I certainly wouldn’t give this company any more money. In fact, because of the shifty way they got your business in the first place, I’d consider putting in a dispute with my credit card company.

If your PC sees that drivers are out-of-date, it will look for them online or it will direct you to go to the manufacturer’s website. It won’t send you towards a pay service.

~ Cynthia