What Is Webmail?

Zarghoon has a question about e-mail.  “What is webmail, and what is the difference between Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail with webmail?

Webmail is the term for software run by an ISP or online service that provides access to send, receive, and review e-mail using only your Web browser. 


This is opposed to using an e-mail client such as Outlook, Live Mail or Thunderbird that downloads copies of your messages from the server of your e-mail provider. Those copies are stored on your PC.

Webmail can be accessed and viewed from multiple devices. Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo offer similar services as far as webmail. Though Gmail and Hotmail (Now called Outlook.com) also both offer free cloud storage with your account as well as free access to an online office suite and free office apps for mobile devices.


Also, your Gmail address is tied to accessing a range of Google services while and Outlook.com (Hotmail, Live Mail or MSN addresses are included as well) are tied to your Microsoft Account.

Any of these services work for composing, sending and receiving e-mail. You can download the messages from any of these services to an e-mail client if you choose.

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