Your Outlook Answer Was All Wrong

Karen did not like my answer to a reader looking for a home e-mail program similar to the Outlook she uses at work:  “I find your answer to this lady as condescending. Your answer pay $69 per year or $100 for a program. You seem to think people who have computers are rich! Outlook WAS part of Microsoft Office till they got greedy. The more I think of my horrible experience with Windows 10 and reversal the more I think of giving up on Microsoft! And your attitude sounds just like the idiots that didn’t learn a damn thing when people did not like Win 8.


I certainly wasn’t being condescending. She wanted an e-mail program similar to Outlook at work and Outlook for home users is a valid option. While many people are aware that Outlook is available for home users, I’ve found that not everyone is aware of its availability and price. Since she didn’t say int he question that she didn’t want to purchase Outlook, I thought it was certainly worth mentioning the option.


Seven dollars a month or a one-time purchase of $100 that will last multiple years certainly isn’t an outrageous fee, but some people might not want to spend it. That’s why I also suggested the free alternative of  the Windows Live Mail  e-mail and web mail.

I even explained how she could use Microsoft Office Apps for free online.

Outlook Express was included the Windows operating system and it was replaced with Windows Live Mail, which is still available to download for free.


There’s also a mail app included with Windows 8 and 10, but I think if she’s looking for similarity to Outlook, she’d probably prefer Live Mail.

I’d certainly be glad to take your suggestion, and those of any of our other readers, as to an e-mail client that someone who is comfortable with Outlook would find familiar. Please let me know in the comments.

And if you’re having issues with Windows 10, we’d be glad to help you out. Ask your questions at

~ Cynthia

9 thoughts on “Your Outlook Answer Was All Wrong

  1. I think you’re reply to this poster was commendable seeing that he was seeking some sort of confrontation. His criticism was out of line and typical of an angry person. And as for his dislike of win10, maybe someone else can benefit from what I view as a very good OS. I have both a laptop and a tablet that I couldn’t wait to update and after my desktop returns from shop I’ll seek yet another update. Oh, and you’re Ultimate guide to windows 10?.. It was a great help to me.

  2. First of all Cynthia
    I happen to think you are FANTASTIC I have followed you for a long time I agree your reply was commendable I applaud you for it….YOU GO GIRL Keep up the good work I always look forward to You and Amanda you girls ROCK..You rose above it that makes you a better person Big hugs love windows 10 Have a wonderful day….Thank you ……

  3. When I read your original reply, I too, thought it was useless. I don’t know about Outlook, but I use OutLook Express (OLE) and will not tear myself away from it. It comes in Windows XP (and earlier) versions. I have tried every kind of email client and NONE of them make me feel at home as much as OutLook Express does. In Win7 I added XP Mode and used OutLook Express through that venue for awhile and it worked pretty good. It’s Windows, did you expect me to say it worked great? Anyhow, after the Win8 ordeal and now the annoying daily popups to upgrade to Windows 10, I finally gave up on Microsoft and bought me a MacBook Pro Mid 2014 and purchased a copy of VMware Fusion. Fusion allowed me to create a virtual machine for XP (like XP mode) and now I run all my old Windows XP programs (Quickbooks 2002, etc…) on my MacBook Pro. VMware Fusion works GREAT. No rebooting to bootcamp or any of that stuff. Now as for my Win 7 machines the only thing I use them for is Windows Media Center for recording all my TV shows (and WMC is also gone away in Win 8 & 10) and my children look stuff up for school work. So, take the plunge, goto a Mac and don’t look back. A learning curve but well with the time spent. As far as that goes, if you want, you can run Win7 on your Mac with Fusion if you so desire. That’s my 2 cents worth….

    1. I was working within the parameters of what the reader asked. She seemed to like using Outlook at work and wanted something similar for home. Since Outlook Express is no longer available without a whole lot of work, I went for the simplest options out there for the reader’s needs. I included paid and free options that are similar to the Outlook experience.

  4. As hard as we may try to give others helpful and FREE advise, there will always be a critic out there that will complain. Maybe their nickers are just too tight? Thanks again for all the insight you have passed on to the masses.

  5. When over 1000 people had my personal pager number, I learned the hard way that you can not make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. Address the issue as best you can (like you already have done) and move on….

  6. Cynthia, you are doing a great job. I do not see anything wrong with any of your responses, nor you original response.

    We all have bad days and it is so easy to add comments to websites that may not reflect an individual’s real personality and meaning. (I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I have bad days and do not always express myself well with words.) As most people learn over their life, communications is one of the biggest challenges which we all face.

    I hope all reading this comment have a GREAT DAY!

  7. Cynthia, I believe you tried to be very helpful to that complainer. The person should have realized that she was asking for free advice and should have appreciated your suggestions. Working with Outlook at her workplace means that her employer had to pay to run Microsoft Office. However, not all things in life are free, but with a little better attitude and a few adjustments in the way of managing things, there are certainly other e-mail programs out there that she can use.
    I read your tips daily and have, over time, learned so much from you, which is very much appreciated! Attitude is latitude!

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