Karen did not like my answer to a reader looking for a home e-mail program similar to the Outlook she uses at work:  “I find your answer to this lady as condescending. Your answer pay $69 per year or $100 for a program. You seem to think people who have computers are rich! Outlook WAS part of Microsoft Office till they got greedy. The more I think of my horrible experience with Windows 10 and reversal the more I think of giving up on Microsoft! And your attitude sounds just like the idiots that didn’t learn a damn thing when people did not like Win 8.


I certainly wasn’t being condescending. She wanted an e-mail program similar to Outlook at work and Outlook for home users is a valid option. While many people are aware that Outlook is available for home users, I’ve found that not everyone is aware of its availability and price. Since she didn’t say int he question that she didn’t want to purchase Outlook, I thought it was certainly worth mentioning the option.


Seven dollars a month or a one-time purchase of $100 that will last multiple years certainly isn’t an outrageous fee, but some people might not want to spend it. That’s why I also suggested the free alternative of  the Windows Live Mail  e-mail and Outlook.com web mail.

I even explained how she could use Microsoft Office Apps for free online.

Outlook Express was included the Windows operating system and it was replaced with Windows Live Mail, which is still available to download for free.


There’s also a mail app included with Windows 8 and 10, but I think if she’s looking for similarity to Outlook, she’d probably prefer Live Mail.

I’d certainly be glad to take your suggestion, and those of any of our other readers, as to an e-mail client that someone who is comfortable with Outlook would find familiar. Please let me know in the comments.

And if you’re having issues with Windows 10, we’d be glad to help you out. Ask your questions at www.worldstart.com/ask.

~ Cynthia