Joan has a question about Windows 10, that I’ve answered in other articles, but still get asked a lot. She writes:  “My question is, what if I don’t download the new Win 10 while its a free upgrade? Will I have to pay for it later if I change my mind?”


Joan, the answer is “yes.” If you don’t take advantage of the free upgrade period (which is one year and lasts until July of 2016), you’ll have to pay a little over $100 for Windows 10.

Many people think that if you upgrade to Windows 10, you may not ever have to pay to upgrade a Windows operating system again. It’s widely thought that Microsoft may switch to a system similar to Apple, where they offer free upgrade on the operating system to guarantee that users are all on the same page. That makes both security, bug fixes and the development of new applications much easier.

~ Cynthia