Windows 10: Will I Have To Pay Later?

Joan has a question about Windows 10, that I’ve answered in other articles, but still get asked a lot. She writes:  “My question is, what if I don’t download the new Win 10 while its a free upgrade? Will I have to pay for it later if I change my mind?”


Joan, the answer is “yes.” If you don’t take advantage of the free upgrade period (which is one year and lasts until July of 2016), you’ll have to pay a little over $100 for Windows 10.

Many people think that if you upgrade to Windows 10, you may not ever have to pay to upgrade a Windows operating system again. It’s widely thought that Microsoft may switch to a system similar to Apple, where they offer free upgrade on the operating system to guarantee that users are all on the same page. That makes both security, bug fixes and the development of new applications much easier.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I followed the prompts on my computer and tried to install windows 10. It crashed and corrupted my whole system. It cost me over $400.00 to have Windows 10 removed and the hard disk formatted and have my programs reinstalled and my data saved and reinstalled.. Not sure in who in Microsoft to contact about this. I had the advise of two computer technicians before formatting my hard drive. Windows 10 is definitely not for my computer and it certainly was not free/

  2. Meets the “ABC Standard” for excellent communication: Accuracy; Brevity; Clarity. Bravo! I have successfully converted one laptop to Windows 10 and am about to convert one desktop to 10. However, I cheat: I use Norton’s (Symantec’s) personal assistance.

  3. I downloaded win 10 last part of oct 2015. I have had no problems .I updated from win 7 home edition. I did have a scare 2 times during download. My screen went black two times. I thought my LT crashed and thought about shutting down but I did not . The screen came back and it finally completed it took 2hrs 45min. I think they should give some warning that these stoppages would happen I think I would have had big problems if I had shut down. The big downside is I miss my easy acess to hearts and solitaire.

    1. Dave:

      Your screen may have gone black due to the lack of activity and when you have it set to go to sleep when nothing’s going on. They do tell you that it may stop and restart several times during the upgrade. Just type solitaire in your search box and you should bring up the solitaire preview. You can add that to your Start Screen by left clicking.

  4. When will W10actually be on a new computer. Plan to purchase a new computer but if it isn’t going to be on it yet, will wait. (it appears that local salespeople have no idea on the subject)

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