What Is rundll32.exe?

Ever wonder what something in your task manager means? Nishat from Dhaka,Bangladesh does. He writes “My pc task Manager shows multiple rundll32.exe process running.Can you give me a solution how to get rid of this please?”

Hi, Nishat.  Thanks for the great question. I’m sure that you’re not the first person to see rundll32.exe in their task manager and wonder what it was.


The DLL stands for DYNAMIC LINK LIBRARY, and it is actually a necessary part of Window’s functioning.  The usual path for these is c:\windows\system32, although they may also show up under your username, like in my example here.

The fact that they are ordinarily a normal part of Window’s functionality doesn’t mean that they are not a threat.  Sometimes hackers can insert fake rundll files in your system to facilitate their hack.  One way to determine what the file is used for is to go to VIEW in your toolbar, and then click SELECT COLUMNS.


On the next screen, click COMMAND LINES.  This will show the full path of the DLL file that you’re looking at.  If you hover over this or right-click and click PROPERTIES, it will show you exactly which program is using the file.  In this case, it is Nvidia, a driver for your video card.


If you don’t recognize the program, you may want to communicate with your friendly neighborhood computer geek to find out what the program is and if it’s harmful.

For the most part, though, DLL files are nothing to worry about and allow your machine to function properly.

I hope that this helps!

~ Randal Schaffer


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  1. What happens if one of these ever gets deleted or do you need to keep them forever. Seems like a lot of these could pile up very fast filling up your hard drive.

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