Windows 10 Lied To Me

Peggy is pretty riled up. She thinks she was misled by Microsoft. ¬† “Windows 10 was advertising that your Android and iPhone apps would be able to be loaded into Windows 10, but now we find out that you will have to buy new apps that are made to be compatible with Windows 10.¬† That was the only reason that I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7.”


Peggy, I don’t believe Microsoft advertised that your Android and iPhone apps would be able to be loaded onto Windows 10. I know I certainly never said that, and I don’t recall seeing it written anywhere else.

I think you may have misunderstood what it means when we say that Windows 10 uses universal apps. A universal Windows app is one that can be used across PCs, tablets and phones. Now some of these apps, like Word for example, can also be used on an iPhone or an Android phone, but you do have to download the app specifically  for an iPhone or an Android phone.


Windows , Android and Apple have what’s called a closed ecosystem. It means that each operating system can only run apps that were created for that operating system.¬† Windows apps for Windows devices, Android apps for Android devices and Apple apps for Apple devices.

You can often find the same apps available for all three systems. And while you may have to download an app for the device that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to pay for that app. If, for example, you want to read a Kindle book across your devices, you don’t have to pay any additional fees to read that book on your various devices. You just download the Kindle app and access your books.

If I have Office on my PC, I can download free Office apps for my mobile devices and access any of my files from the OneDrive at no additional expense. If an app is free for Android or iPhone, it should also be free for Windows. But whether or not an app is free is up to the developers.

For some situations like the paid versions of game, you may need to purchase a separate app for each type of device – Windows, Apple and Android. But, to be fair, they had to build a separate app for each device.

~ Cynthia


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  1. It was claimed that if you didn’t like win 10 you could revert to the previous OS. Microsofts system for doing that was a colossal ‘fail’. Even worse for me, it removed a good email program then tells you that that program will not be reinstalled, ever. Thanks for nothing. Microsoft lied.

    1. Mark:

      You can easily revert back to your previous operating system for 30 days after installing Windows 10. I did it myself and, at least for me, it was really easy. What e-mail program did it remove?

  2. yes they did they said you can from any of the iphones and Androids you can find it on their web page under windows 10 ad’s

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